Since the US legalized wagering in 2018, sportsbooks and bettors have waited patiently for the launch In Ohio, there’s a lot of sports and sports teams to wager on; it can be hard to keep them all straight. That is why we decided to create a list for you.

Sports to bet on in Ohio 2023

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Sports in Ohio


Big or small, all sports have a market, and sportsbooks will ensure there will be plenty of games to play. Where there is a bet, there is a bettor, and where there are bettors, there is money to be won. Here is an excellent composition of sports to try out on Ohio sports betting sites and why they can be right for you.

Pro teams to bet on in Ohio


There are so many sports offered throughout the different sites, and it may be overwhelming trying to decide which teams to bet your money on. Here is a quick list of the top Professional teams, straight from the state of Ohio, that you should feel comfortable putting your stakes on.

  • NHL (Pro-hockey)– Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NFL (Pro-football)– Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns
  • NBA(Pro-basketball)– Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MBA (Pro-baseball)– Cincinnati Reds and Clevland Indians
  • FC (Pro-soccer)- The Columbus Crew, Cleveland SC, FC Columbus, Toledo Villa FC, Columbus Eagles FC, Cleveland Ambassadors, and Cincinnati Sirens FC (Woman’s premier soccer).
  • PLL (Pro-Lacross)– Ohio Machine
  • PRO(Pro-Rugby)– Ohio Aviators

The markets to bet on


Are you looking for the top sports to wager on in Ohio? We have you covered; from the basics to the unusual, here are the best markets today for sportsbook. This is some of the sports that you can bet on in the Ohio mobile sportsbook apps.


If you are looking for exciting and competitive ways to wager in the state, Ohio football betting is definitely one way to do it. This has always been one of the biggest money-makers for sportsbooks everywhere.


Because of baseball’s long season, there are many options for wagering on this sport, making it ideal for online wagering. Totals on runs are one of the more frequent wagers we see. Learn more about Ohio baseball betting here.


Tennis betting has unique wagers and can be exciting, allowing you to change up your bets and methods frequently, especially when participating in props.


Ohio Basketball betting can win you some big buck, primarily due to the score constantly changing, and unlike most other sports, points will be pretty high and inconsistent.


Pro-golf is a great way to earn some money in event or futures betting. Pro-golf tours are popular, and the market is popular during that season.


Prop bets and match win bets are usually the best way to wager on boxing because the matches can end within minutes, making it difficult to place other bets.


The adrenalin rush that comes from motorsports is one of the main reasons punters enjoy placing these types of sports bets.


There is a massive value for betting on ice hockey, especially when the season first gets underway.


Because there are so many, large and small, rugby events throughout the year, you will never run out of bets to place.


Betting on E-sports is becoming extremely popular these days; whether you are into Apex Legends, FIFA, or Fortnite, there is a bet for you.


The best part about betting on soccer is the ability to wager on leagues worldwide, making it a unique market.

Table tennis

Table tennis, or ping-pong, is not very well-known for sports betting. However, the markets are usually excellent because there is little “insider” information.


Did you know that Ohio horse race betting not only benefits the winners and sportsbooks, but some of the profits go back into improving the event themselves?


Believe it or not, cycling is a pretty big sports betting in Ohio option that people from all over will wager on while watching live on t.v. or mobile devices.


There is a large market for in-play bets when wagering on darts but be careful the odds move quickly as the game progresses.


Lacrosse is an excellent sport for punters who are seeking a thrill. This full-contact game is a fast-paced and high-scoring event making it perfect for live bets and props.


There are a lot of billiard games that are ideal for bettors to put their stakes on. Snooker betting being the most popular.


Volleyball is played all around the world, all year round, and because of the massive amounts of matches, there are tons of wagers available in this sport.


You are more apt to find “gimmick wrestling,” wagers like WWE and can be eventful. Look for betting bonuses in Ohio here if you want to get more out of your experience.


MMA is quickly growing in popularity amongst fans and bettors. Wagering on this combat sport can keep things interesting while rooting for your favorite fighter.


What are the best market types in Ohio to wager on?

There are a ton of options when it comes to gambling in the state, but soccer and football are some of the most prevalent.

How old do you have to be to wager on sportsbooks in Ohio?

The legal age for gambling in OH is 21 years or older. You must provide proof of your age before you can place a bet and deposit on you banking betting account.

Can you bet on video games in Ohio?

E-sports have quickly become a great way to win money on sportsbook sites in Ohio and other states.

What are the best Ohio teams to wager on?

Ohio has many outstanding pro-sports teams; in recent years, Ohio football (Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns) and basketball (Cleveland Cavaliers) have really made their mark-making them great options for wagering.

What is the best sporting event to wager on in Ohio?

No matter which sports you wager on, home teams always have the advantage in professional sports. So wager on your state’s team; chances are good you will make some money on your stakes.